We recognise that with the pressures of running your own business, you may have little time to spare to phone various companies for the most competitive quotations, this is where we can help.

As insurance intermediaries we have a range of policies especially designed for commercial businesses. We have negotiated special rates for various types of businesses for example Retail, Shops, Factories, Warehouses and Restaurants. We employ experienced insurance personnel who are always at hand to give you help and advice on existing policies and new products available to enhance your cover.

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We offer competitive insurance
packages for:

  • Shops / Offices
  • Wine Bars / Night Clubs
  • Public Houses (including soft play areas & Late Licence/disco etc.)
  • Restaurants / Takeaways
  • All Manufacturing Trades (including clothing, plastic, Food etc.)
  • Recycling
  • Packaging Trades
  • Wholesalers
  • Public & or Employers Liability
  • Combined Liability (including builders, roofers, scaffolders etc)


These are only a few trades we can quote for, please contact us even if your business is not listed.

Our clients see a saving of up to 25% of their existing renewal premium.  You will also benefit from a high standard of service and policy designed for your business. 

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Client Details

* Full Name

* Company
* Address Line 1
* Address Line 2
* Postcode
* Phone
* Nature Of Business

Property Details

Are the premises built in brick, stone concrete and roofed with slate, title , metal
asbestos or concrete?

If no, please state the percentage of flat roof area
What is the age of the building?
Number of Floors:
Are the proposed premises in good state of repair?
Are the floors Timber / Concrete / Other?
Is there a basement or cellar?
If yes, Is all stock / contents stored 6' above floor?

Client History

Have you suffered any losses in the last five years whether claimed for or not?

(This should include other trading names/ Premises and if a Limited Company all Directors loss experiences in the last 5 years . For other companies for which Directorship is/ has been held)

If yes, please provide details of the claim.





At the proposed premises are they occupied solely by the Proposer?

If No, please list below all tenants (DSS / Working / Students / Residential) and where they are situated within the Building;



Your policy will cover the following, please add any extra covers required or delete as applicable

Fire / Perils / Theft / Employers / Public / Products Liability / Accidental Damage


If the premises are alarmed, what type of system has been installed:
(Please tick the applicable alarm type)


OTHER - Please Specify

Please provide security details of all external doors; i.e. type of locks (5 lever) wood/metal etc

Is there a Fire Alarm/Sprinkler system installed ?
Fire Alarm Sprinkler

Are any ground floor windows fitted with Grills//Bars?

Grills Shutters Bars

Are any upper floor windows fitted with Grills/Shutters/Bars?

Grills Shutters Bars

If any skylights, how are they protected

Please provide details of any other security measures that are in place:



Main Building (This should represent full rebuilding cost) 

Loss of rent 12 months indemnity period (payable / receivable)
Shopfront including security / glass / frame / sign                       
Interior Decorations / tenants improvements
Trade contents (fixture & fittings) (machinery, Furniture, alarm, stationary)
Electronic Business equipment ( Pc, fax, Printer, Till).                  
General stock                                               

Wine / Spirits                      

Frozen Food       
Goods In Transit   
Gross Profit (12 Months)                                               

For Employers / Products / Public Liability please provide:                    

Annual Turnover  
Annual Wages      
No of Clerical Employees  
No of Manual Employees  


In business hours
In transit to bank                                   
Type of safe                                                                                   
In safe out of business hours               
Please state the make and model of the safe
* Current Insurer
* Renewal Date                                     
Premium Paid                                                                               

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We specialise in all types of commercial insurance and with our combined experience, our staff members are here to help and advise you of our services.

Click here to download Commercial Quotation form. If you have your own presentation or a copy of your current proposal form please fax this to us on 0845 272 3529.

Please contact us on 0845 272 3526 or email us at info@direct2networks.co.uk



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